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The Practitioner Main Form is divided into different tabs and sections. Every Tab & Section Name reflects the information on that form/section to help you navigate through creating a Practitioner. Some fields are required to save the Practitioner in the system i.e. First Name, while other fields can be added to the system later on. Any time a field is required a red star will display next to the field.

Profile Info

The header contains the Contact Type and the Owner.

  • Contact Type

    • Upon changing the Contact Type, the form will change.
    • Contact Type options - Patient, Practitioner, Related Person.
  • Owner

General Information

The first step in creating a Practitioner is populating the 'General Information' section. This contains some general information about the Practitioner.

The fields in the 'General Information' are:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
  • Known As

  • Date Of Birth

    • Validation: You cannot save a Practitioner if the DOB is in the future or if the DOB is 120 years before todays date.
    • Error Message:
      • If you populate the DOB field with a DOB in the future, the following error message will display "Birth Date cannot be in the future."
      • If you populate the DOB field with a DOB 120 years before todays date, the following error message will display "Birth Date cannot be more than 120 years in the past."
  • Gender

  • Marital Status

  • NPI Number

  • Tax Id - If your company bills some Claims under this provider, the Tax Id should be populated.

Address Information

Another section which should be populated to properly setup a Practitioner in the system is the 'Address Information' section.

  • Street Address

  • Apt, Unit, Floor

  • City

  • State

  • Zip Code

Contact Information

The 'Contact Information' section contains all the ways to contact the Practitioner as well as their preferred method of contact.

  • Cell Phone

  • Home Phone

  • Work Phone

  • Email Address

  • Preferred Contact Method

Provider Preferences

The 'Provider Preferences' section should be populated when a Practitioner has specific preferences regarding what Patient they would like to work with. I.e. If a Practitioner speaks english and would like to work with a Patient who speaks English, you would populate the 'Preferred Languages' field with 'English'. When a Scheduler matches the Practitioner to a Patient, they would match this Practitioner with a Patient who speaks English.

  • Preferred Languages - This field is a multi select option set. Every organization can manage this option set according to their needs.

  • Patient Gender Preference


The 'Roles' section displays all the roles the Practitioner has. I.e. BCBA, Supervisor. The Practitioner's role information is displayed in a grid with the Role Name as well as the Period Start and Period End of the Role.

Add New Practitioner Role

To create a new Practitioner Role, click on the 3 dots on the Roles sub grid. Then click the 'New Practitioner Role' button. This will open up the New Practitioner Role Main Form.

To read more about Practitioner Role, click here.


The 'Timeline' section displays activities related to this Practitioner for easy follow-up and tracking. By clicking on the '+' sign, new emails can be created and sent out, new tasks can be assigned, and new notes can be added.

  • Email
    • From - populated with the current User.
    • To - populated with the Practitioner navigating from.
  • Tasks
    • Owner - populated with the current User.
    • Regarding - populated with the Practitioner navigating from.
    • Duration - default is set at '30 minutes'.
    • Priority - default is set as 'normal'.
  • Notes