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The Qualifcations subgrid displays the Qualification Name, Certification Date, Expiration Date and the Qualification Number.

Create a Practitioner Qualification

To create a new Practitioner Qualification, click 'New Practitioner Qualification'. This will open the New Practitioner Qualification Quick Create Form. Upon clicking on an existing record in the subgrid, the record displays in pop out mode. The Practitioner field and the Qualification field are locked. Upon clicking the 'New' button, the Practitioner Qualification Main Form opens.

  • Practitioner - This field is prepopulated with the Practitioner navigating from.
  • Qualification
    • Upon saving this record, this field is locked and cannot be edited.
  • Certification Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Qualification Number

Qualifications on Insurance Plan Benefits

The Insurance Plan Benefit (related to the Encounter Service) has a list of the qualifications a Practitioner must have to receieve payment for rendering the service.


It is important that the qualification and the dates are accurate. When scheduling a Session with a Practitioner, the system checks that the Practitioner has the required qualification for the service being provided.

Read more about Insurance Plan Benefits.